The Interdisciplinary Minor in Caribbean Studies is an inter-departmental, integrative curriculum designed to promote a comprehensive study of the complex societies of the multi-linguistic Caribbean.

Minor in Caribbean Studies

Students take six courses (eighteen hours) from the program's listing; these must include:

  • History of the Caribbean 1 (HIST140) or History of the Caribbean 11(HIST141) or The Black Experience in the Caribbean (AFRO163);
  • Modern Caribbean Literature (ENGL 225) or Introduction to Caribbean Literature and Ideas (ENGL056); and
  • Afro-Caribbean Philosophy (PHIL 164).

Each of these is three credit hours.

Students fulfill the remaining hours by taking either three electives from the program course listings, or two electives and an internship arranged through an advisor of the program, or two electives and a Senior Seminar in the topic discipline that results in a thesis paper.

Summer Study Abroad in Jamaica

The Caribbean Studies Program also offers a summer study abroad opportunity in Jamaica. This opportunity is offered every two years. In June 2016, students were able to take summer courses at the University of the West Indies Mona campus in Kingston, Jamaica. All courses included a cultural immersion component, and carried 3 credit hours, transferable to Howard University.

Choose 3 courses for a total of 9 Credit Hours.

These courses are provided by varying departments within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Afro-American Studies

  • AFRO101: Commercial Exploitation of the Third World
  • AFRO163: Black Experience in the Caribbean 
  • AFRO193: West Indians in America
  • AFRO195: Comparative Black Literature II
  • AFRO198: Pan African Thought and Politics


  • BIOL204: Science and Public Policy
  • BIOL220: General Microbiology
  • BIOL230: Ecology


  • PHYS016: Weather and Society
  • PHYS017: Climate Change and Social Policy